In 2017 in San Francisco's District 2, there were 3,896 reported auto break-ins and just 25 arrests.

Since 2010, there have been dozens of Board of Supervisors hearings and community meetings on property crime. The results are always the same:

The Police blame the District Attorney. The District Attorney blames the Police and the Courts. The Courts blame the Politicians. And the Politicians blame their political enemies.


Enough community meetings
Enough hearings
Enough blaming someone else

As your Supervisor, Nick will make sure the Police, the District Attorney, and the Courts do their jobs and rid the streets of the criminal gangs responsible for 80% of San Francisco's auto break-ins. He will force these bureaucracies to adopt criminal justice best practices from around the country, deploy modern technology so law enforcement can work faster and more efficiently, and be more honest with the public and victims about what the city is actually doing to solve and prosecute these crimes.

San Francisco is the only city in the state that has seen this level of auto break-ins and property crime. No more excuses. Let's end this.


Paid for by Nick Josefowitz for Supervisor 2018. Financial disclosures are available at FPPC #13986

We can end this
Sign this petition to tell the criminal justice bureaucracies they need to level with the people of San Francisco about what they're actually doing to solve the epidemic:
  1. Tell the Police Chief to release data on what auto burglaries the department investigated
  2. Tell the District Attorney to release the data on what charges he filed against auto burglars
  3. Tell the Presiding Judge to release the data on what sentences the courts handed down to auto burglars
We deserve the answers.

Have you had your car broken into and felt that you were let down by the Police Department, the District Attorney, and/or the Courts?

Tell us your story.

If enough of us speak out, the powerful criminal justice bureaucracies at City Hall will no longer be able to ignore us.